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P-TAL Unveils a One of its Kind Music Video Titled, ‘Bhaande Bois’ – A Celebratory Tribute to Their Artisans


Shark Tank India season 3 fame, P-TAL, a D2C brand, is celebrating their artisans and rejoicing in the sound of their handcrafted utensils. 


P-TAL, an ayurvedic, artisanal brand dedicated to reviving traditional cookware, proudly announces the release of their first music video Bhaande Bois’. The inspiration for Bhaande Bois comes from the Punjabi word ‘bhaande,’ meaning utensils, and their artisans are the ‘boys’. This groundbreaking video campaign, the first for a D2C brand, celebrates artisans as rock stars, shining light on their passion and cultural heritage.


The song, written by Dhrruv Yogi and performed by RJ Kisna, is beautifully composed by Khwaab Music. Directed by Dawat-e-Hind and filmed by Nazaare Productions, the video highlights the remarkable skills and dedication of the artisans. It offers a refreshing, celebratory glimpse into their daily lives and work, underscoring the cultural legacy they carry forward with each handcrafted piece.


Video Embedded:


Bhaande Bois is a tribute to the Thatheras of Jandiala Guru, artisans who handcraft P-TAL utensils and have the distinction of practising India’s only UNESCO-listed craftform. In this unique music video, the Thatheras dress as rock stars from a band with their handcrafted utensils serving as their instruments, like a brass tawa as a guitar or a glass as a microphone. Bhaande Bois aims to capture the life of these artisans and represent them as rock stars rather than focusing on a sorrowful narrative through a beautifully composed music video. It highlights how the artisans genuinely enjoy doing what they do and love their craft, which is a part of their cultural legacy.


Speaking about Bhaande Bois, Aditya Agrawal, Co-founder of P-TAL adds, Whenever people talk about artisans, they often associate their lives with one filled with sorrow and unfulfilling lives, struggling to survive or finding a means of livelihood. At P-TAL, we believe that our artisans are not just artisans—they are true rock stars! In ‘Bhaande Bois,’ you will see them joyfully celebrating, and that’s what we want our viewers to do as well! ‘Bhaande Bois’ celebrates their beautiful craft, culture, and legacy. When you purchase from artisans, it’s not out of a sense of obligation but a genuine desire for their creativity. It’s a choice that respects their craft and values their contribution to our cultural heritage.



P-TAL is an artisanal brand dedicated to modernising traditional brass, copper, and bronze cookware with rich Ayurvedic benefits. Each product is meticulously handcrafted by artisans practising India’s UNESCO-listed craftform, using 100% pure A-grade metals. P-TAL supports over 80 artisan families, significantly increasing their incomes, and has earned trust among top chefs worldwide. Featured on Shark Tank India Season 3, P-TAL secured an all-shark deal, highlighting its commitment to transforming age-old traditions into contemporary kitchen trends that blend heritage craftsmanship with innovative design.


Beyond preservation, P-TAL aims to make traditional items relevant and exciting for modern lifestyles. By bridging heritage with modernity, P-TAL not only preserves cultural legacies but also introduces them to a global audience. This approach ensures that each piece not only carries historical significance but also meets the demands of today’s kitchen enthusiasts, making P-TAL a leader in revitalising ancient practices for the modern world.


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