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Exploring the Mission of the Charles Walters Council for Innovation & Research: Fostering Innovation and Making a Positive Impact


Welcome to the Charles Walters Council for Innovation & Research, where we embark on a journey of scientific excellence, innovation, and corporate social responsibility. Named after the esteemed English zoologist and botanist, Late Charles Walters de Vis, our organization’s heritage is deeply rooted in scientific discovery.

Since our establishment under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in 2020, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing a platform for brilliance to converge, creativity to flourish, and individuals to redefine standards in their respective fields. Over the past three years, our commitment has been unwavering.

During this time, we’ve supported approximately 300 young researchers financially, laying the groundwork for their academic success. We’ve facilitated placements for numerous talents across various industries, from scientific labs to software companies, nurturing a culture of innovation and discovery.

Our “Kalam ki Kalam” campaign has sparked scientific curiosity among the younger generation, spreading across communities and fostering a culture of inquiry.

Our impact on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been substantial, with over 100 live shows showcasing actionable models. We’ve taken our message global, hosting over 200 conferences in multiple countries, promoting innovative teaching and learning methods.

Moreover, we’ve trained hundreds of schools and thousands of teaching professionals, making science and math education engaging and interactive.

One of our proudest achievements is our proposal for a world education policy, aiming to foster unity and equality in education worldwide.

In collaboration with the Niti Ayog Office, we’re bridging the skills gap in science and technology and providing essential resources to educational institutions.

Our dedication has earned recognition from various ministries, national and international universities, and organizations. But our journey doesn’t end here. In the realm of science and technology, we’re pioneering groundbreaking initiatives:

– Quantum Computing Advancements

– Neuroscience and Brain-Computer Interface

– Indian Space Exploration and Colonization

– Nanotechnology Innovations

– Hydraulic Equipped House Materials and Goods

– AI-Based Presence

In the arena of Corporate Social Responsibility, we’re setting the stage for transformative change:

– Zero Hunger Mission

– Empowering Underprivileged Communities

– Health and Well-being

– Attire Donation

– Environmental Sustainability

And looking ahead, our commitment to a brighter future extends to our futuristic plans:

– Virtual Education Platform

– World Education Policy

– Orphanages by 2030

– “Kalam ki Kalam” Roadmap

– State-wise Awareness Camps

– Global Conferences in 2023

– Free Placement Solutions

– Single Window Solution

– “Yuva Desh ki Hava” Campaign

– “Prithvi Kutumb” Social Handle

Together, let us continue to strive for innovation, excellence, and positive change, shaping a better world for generations to come.

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